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Aquarium-solution co.,ltd is a professional online pet shop founded in 2014 specialized in aquarium accessories. It is located in Guangzhou, China which is the largest pet market in China even worldwide.We are one of the biggest aquarium equipment suppliers, retailer, distributor, wholesaler and trading company in China.

Aquarium-solution provide all kinds aquarium accessories for freshwater aquarium, marine aquarium and saltwater aquarium.

Aquarium-solution has hundreds of aquarium products included aquarium temperature controller, aquarium chiller, aquarium heater, aquarium fan, aquarium thermometer, canister filter, protein skimmer, aquarium filter media, aquarium air pump, air compressor for pond, submersible water pump, fountain pump, LED aquarium lighting, T5 lighting, metal halide fixture, uv sterilizer, PL lighting, aquarium co2 system, wave maker and aquarium powerhead.

Shop all your aquarium tank needed with aquarium-solution in bulk price.